Are you ready for the upcoming 100 million baby boomers?  Build  Fortunes on Nursing Agency Staffing & Registry Business.  We offer a complete start up and operating guide.  Included are Bundled Business Software to operate Your New and Established Nursing Agency. Full email and telephone consultation with any of the business  package plans.

or Become A Self-Employed Nurse Contractor

A billion dollar industry with no end  to the phenomenal growth in sight.  Our aging population has become a hot new market and rapid growth area for the ambitious entrepreneur.

Build A Fortune in Nursing Agency Registry  business start up manual can put you to fast track to success. Meticulously researched and backed by 10 years experience, our guides take you step by step through every aspect of the start up process. It's like having an a start up expert with you every step of the way.  Starting a nursing agency business or how to be an independent nurse contractor takes a lot of legal know how, research and trial and error.  Purchasing this manual will offers tips, guidelines in starting your dream. 

This Nursing Agency/Registry  Business Manual Covers: Starting a Supplemental Staffing Agency/ Becoming an Independent Nurse Contractor, Nursing Registry, Private Home Care and  Search Firm Consulting Business or as a Medical Recruiter.. This business has low overhead, no franchise fees and low  start up cost.  At an option we can build a website for your business at a minimal cost.  We back this manual with free email consultation and telephone consultation. A cd disk is included for easy editing of the forms and contract agreements with the hard copy version.. E-Book version is available for immediate download.

What is Supplemental Staffing Services?  A business that provides temporary employment services for a short or long term contract to assist the needs of healthcare facilities to fill in for vacations, long term disability, sick calls and employment strikes.

What is a Nursing Registry? A nursing registry is an agency that provides nursing services to private individuals and healthcare facilities on a contractual basis.

What is an Independent Nurse Contractor?  A self employed nurse that provides his/her services  to healthcare facilities, private individuals for a certain fee bypassing the agency.

What is a private home care agency? An agency that provides nurses, nursing assistants, caregivers to private or corporate accounts to their place of residences. The home care agency collects payments from private individuals, insurances, or Medicare/Medicaid if certified by the government.

What is Search Firm Consulting Business? Business name for medical recruiter. This business provides direct employment placement to companies for a fee.   A search firm locates candidates (healthcare workers) for a direct employment placement to companies for a certain fee on a contingency or retainer basis. Includes the retainer, contingency, consulting fee contract agreement.

Complete Nursing Agency Registry  Business Package with Website


I. Standard feature for the complete package TRB1001.

 This "HOW To Start A Nursing Agency Registry & Homecare Business" Manual Covers Topics Such As  :

  • No Money To Start

  • Sources of funds: Private & Public

  • Pricing Strategies. How much to charge your clients and how much to pay your sub-contractor/employees.

  • Choosing a business name.

  • Business Plan

  • Effective Recruiting Techniques

  • Doing Business In Different States.

  • Business Licenses and Permits.

  • Advantages and Disadvantages of Franchise Operations

  • Occupational Safety & Health.

  • Immigrations Laws and Compliance.

  • Nursing Agency Market.

  • JCAHO Accreditation.

  • Billing Procedures

  • Invoices

  • Sponsoring, hiring  procedure of nurses from different countries ( Philippines.)

  • Supplies

  • Profit Margins

  • Payroll

  • Employee VS Subcontractor

  • Advertising

  • Insurances

  • Taxation

  • Business Legal Operations. Sole Proprietorship, Partnerships, Corporation, Limited Partnership, Limited Liability Company (LLC.)

  • Do I need a computer ? No, but recommended.

  • Recommended Software.

  • Home Office or Front Office

  • How and where to file business names.

  • This Manual is updated in a yearly basis.

  • Disclaimer From the Publisher.

 Plus All these forms and materials are included for FREE in the standard package.

  • Sample Full Length Contract Agreements between your business and the healthcare facility.

  • Sample Full Length Contract Agreements between your business and your employees/contractors.

  • Sample Independent Contractor Agreement between you as Ind. Contractor and healthcare facility.

  • Retainer Search Fee Agreement.

  • Contingency Search Fee Agreement.

  • Consulting Fee Sharing Agreement.

  • Homecare Health Services Agreement.

  • Job Order Form

  • Sample Business Plan Format

  • License (RN's & LPN /  LVN's) Skills Check List .

  • General Nursing Agency Policy Guidelines.

  • IRS Forms.

  • Sample of Business Letters.

  • Sample of Time Card and Schedules.

  • Sample of Invoices. Includes Plug-n-Use Invoice Software in excel format.

  • Background Check Consent Form.

  • Medication Error Report

  • Hepatitis B Vaccination, blood borne pathogens. Per O.S.H.A regulations that all healthcare workers must be offered a Hepatitis B Vaccination.

  • Tuberculin Form.

  • Employment Check List.

  • Sample of Rate Increase.

  • Job Descriptions of RNs, LPNs/LVNs.

  • Nursing Assistant (NA/R, CNA) Checklist for Pre-Employment Competency Assessment.

  • Medical Secretary Checklist for Competency Assessment.

  • Sample of Job/Employment Application.

  • Phone Numbers and website of recommended insurance companies.

  • Many Other Needed Forms for Nursing Agency Business.

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II.  Homecare & healthcare services documents and forms.  Add this optional feature to your standard business package.

 A. Medical and non-medical homecare agency services documents and forms for your homecare business. We have all the necessary documents and forms needed to get your non-medical and medical homecare agency services such as:

  • Advance Directive and Medical Decisions.

  • Care Plan For Homecare.

  • Case Manager Admission Nursing Data Collection Form.

  • Checklist for Client Admission Process.

  • Client Consent To Release Information.

  • Client Acknowledgements.

  • Confidential Policy.

  • Denial of Medicare A Skilled Home Facility Coverage.

  • Diet Orders Form.

  • Discharging Against Medical Advice.

  • Doctors Order Sheet.

  • Guidelines for Clients about his/her PCA.

  • Health Documentation.

  • Homecare Discharge Information Checklist.

  • Homemaker and PCA Time Slip and Report.

  • Homecare Service Agreement.

  • Intake and Output Record.

  • Medication Record Monitoring Form.

  • Monitoring Mood and Behavior Record Form.

  • Nurses Notes Form.

  • Pain Evaluation Form.

  • PCA Job Description and Employment Requirements.

  • PCA Specific Job Functions and Responsibilities.

  • PCA Care Plan.

  • Personnel Record & Orientation Checklist.

  • Physicians Telephone Order Form.

  • Self Administration of Medications Form.

  • Review of clients Bill of Rights.

  • Sample Brochure for Homecare Services.

  •  Scale for predicting skin pressure risk.

  • Sexual Harassment Policy for employees or subcontractors.

  • Sexual Harassment Policy for Client.

  • Telephone Order Sheet.

  • Treatment Monitoring Record.

  • Weekly Homemaker Report.

  • When to call 911.

  • When to call the supervising Nurse.

III.  Add a website or webpage to your business package.  Optional Feature                                                           

Nursing agency templated starter website. Smart business decisions is to add a website to your new and established business and establish a web presence world wide. Your starter website includes automated online employment application form for an employee prospect and an online job order form for your clients.                                                                      

   A. Nursing Agency Starter Website Package.

  • Your web address format will be:  www.yourbusinessname.com

  • We can build a professional website for you at an affordable cost and easy to manage.

  • Your own domain name. Example. www.yourowndomain.com.

  • Free maintenance of your website.

  • Up to 7 website pages.

  • 10 matching business email accounts. Example. info@yourowndomain.com.

  • Up to 4 of your own images. An optional graphic designer is available for logo development.

  • Unlimited text in your website.

  • Automated online nurse skills check list. Added feature. (Optional) Price: As Low As $69.95 one time fee

  • Automated competency test. Added feature. (Optional) Price: As Low As $69.95 one time fee

  • We know time is essential therefore we will build your business starter website for you in a timely manner, no tools required. Your web page development is free if we do not complete your web page at a promise date.

  • You will not build your website from a control panel and learn their system like our competitors offers.

  • Your Nursing Agency Business Website Package includes all the necessary pages for a nursing agency.

  • Price: One time charge for starter website development: As Low As $49.95 one time fee.

  • Set-up fee: $100.00  Set up fee is waive with purchase of the package at the same time.

  • Monthly web hosting fee: As Low As $9.95

  •  Any additional text changes after your website has been published: Price: $19.95

  • Customize website. Call for an estimate.


C.  We also offer back end office support for nursing agency business such as:

  • Accounting services.
  • Payroll services
  • Billing and rebilling services.
  • Call centers for answering and scheduling services.
  • Administrative services.
  • Call for pricing for these services.

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